Lady Jane's is one of the fastest growing men's hair care companies in the country.

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Tim McCollum is not only a University of Michigan Alum, but he also is the President of Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men. When I asked Tim if Lady Jane's was a good place to work he said, "Hail Yes!" With Sports memorabilia on every wall, a pool table and a Wii, it is easy to see why Tim thinks this way. What about one of the most important parts of LJ, though...the stylists? Tim says that Lady Jane's is the best place in town for a stylist to work because it is where they can make the most money, deal with less drama (guys only) and LJ generates all the client traffic with an aggressive marketing plan. "We also have aggressive growth opportunity as we continue to expand and open new stores across the country." Tim continued with, "At Lady Jane's, stylists can start a career, not just cut hair! Our corporate staff is very passionate about what we do and this energy is embodied in the stylists as well."

Lady Jane's is one of the fastest growing Men's hair care companies in the Country. When I quizzed Tim further, he took me onto the styling floor and said "ask some of the stylists!" When I spoke with Alisha from Farmington Hills, she had this to say. "The earning potential is unbelievable. I remember asking to go off my guarantee after just one week! After just one year I was promoted to manager of my own LJ store. I love it!" Jenny Golas started as a receptionist at the Hall Rd. location and then worked her way up to a Salon Director position with corporate. "This allowed me to travel all over and help open new stores, it was a great experience!" Jenny has since been promoted to office manager of the corporate headquarters in Troy, Michigan. Carla is the manager of the St. Clair Shores location and she too had great things to say. "What I really love about Lady Jane's is the built clientele. LJ gets them there and all we have to do is give them a great haircut experience. Since the first day I started, I have been able to cut 12-20 guys every day! As our owner would say, that's wicked awesome!"

The more I talked to the stylists and staff of Lady Jane's it made me want to work for Lady Jane's. When I asked Mr. McCollum how I could get involver they simply said...

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