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No matter what you want, we've got it. This is our bread and butter, the reason every guy that steps through our doors, comes back. With so many guys styles out there from the new trendy to the tried and true, guys have a lot of options and styles to keep them looking their best. Our stylists keep building their skills, adding to their haircut 'toolbox', no pun intended. Each LJ stylist stays up on new styles and haircuts, so no matter if you want a classic or cutting edge cut, our stylists will be able to give you a great cut. And if you don't know what you want, (the LJ stylists) can suggest some great new cuts and styles for you.



We list it separately because it's THAT good! Our invigorating shampoo is a steal. Seeing as how every guy that gets one says it's the best part of the whole LJ experience. Why is it that phenomenal? It's not your average shampoo. We start with our new BedHead for Men CleanUp peppermint shampoo and conditioner. It has an amazing tingle factor that feels awesome on your head. When you combine that shampoo with a scalp massage from your LJ stylist, there is no way any guy would not love it. No haircut is complete without it!



Beautiful Hair comes from a healthy scalp, which is why our hair and scalp treatment is a vital part of achieving the look you desire. Our scalp treatment goes above and beyond any other to ensure that your hair is getting not only the treatment that it needs, but also the treatment it deserves. This 10 minute shampoo chair oasis comes equipped with a scalp and neck massage, hot towel to cover your face, and the cool wash off with our Bedhead clean up peppermint conditioner.



Color can be intimidating for guys. That's why we have award winning stylists who are color experts, to make sure that the color a guy asks for is the color he gets. That training and knowledge helps our stylists match a guy's natural hair color precisely when he's looking to knock the salt and pepper off, or achieve the perfect new color… even if that is his favorite team's colors for game day.
Beard Trim



Facial hair is a very personal thing for most guys and Lady Jane's gets that. No matter if you have a little soul patch, a handle bar mustache, or a full beard, our stylists can clean it up, trim it up, or shave it off, whatever you're looking for.



One of the most popular items we offer; the Hot Lather Neck Shave. Enjoy the precision and feel of having your neckline cleaned up using our custom blend of hot lather, and a razor for that extra special attention to detail! It will make you a man of men, the Czar of Zest, a mighty symbol of all that is clean, pure, and righteous!
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Rejuvenated skin begins with a healthy foundation, and that’s why our Men’s Facial Steam service is essential for achieving your desired look. Our Facial Steam treatment goes the extra mile to ensure your skin receives the care it needs and deserves. Picture this: a relaxing 15-minute steam session that opens your pores and primes your skin for deep cleansing. Enjoy a rejuvenating facial massage to invigorate your senses and promote circulation. We then follow with our Hydra Boost Facial, a hydrating and revitalizing experience tailored specifically for men’s skin. Top it off with our Elevated Sheet Mask Service, designed to address your unique skincare concerns. Treat your skin to the care it craves—book your session now and unveil a more confident, radiant you!



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LJ has won triple digit men's styling awards and our stylists stay on the cutting edge of the cosmetology industry. If it's hot, then LJ stylists are scuplting it daily.

We make it our mission to make men and boys look and feel their best for an affordable price.

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