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Hair & Gro Beard Guy Ming Tips


Mar 6, 2017

Beard Dandruff / Head & Shoulders
Flakes in your beard? Find out what causes dandruff in your beard and what you can do to tackle itWith the growing popularity of beards, millions of men around the world are now suffering from a whole new problem – beard dandruff. Find out what it is and what you can do if you’re seeing flakes or dry skin in your beard. Much like dandruff on your hair and scalp, dandruff on your beard is your body’s response to irritation.They have the same cause – a microbe called Malassezia globosa. This microbe feeds on natural skin oils we all produce called sebum, breaking it down into oleic acid as they go. For half of the world’s population, that’s when dandruff starts since they’re sensitive to oleic acid. It triggers an irritation response which causes redness, itching and for the skin cells to shed and appear as flakes.It’s the same whether it’s your beard or your hair – Malassesia is found on everybody’s scalp and face and under the right conditions, can cause dandruff to appear.
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Jan 11, 2017

Men's Grooming Goals for 2017 /Paul Mitchell
"Short hair, don't care" isn't an attitude we want out MITCH® men to have this year. Style can be subtle when you don't have long locks, but it's still noticeable because details do the talking. Polished pompadours scream time and effort, but even bedhead hair needs some product to achieve that I'm-not-trying look. In celebration of MANuaray®--a month dedicated to men's wellness and style, we're sharing three easy tips to upgrade your status to healthy and handsome. For those who want to give fine hair a boost, start with a volumizing cut. Depending on your hair type and concerns, consider these looks:
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