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LJ Girls / Kelsey Salvati

Kelsey Salvati


Tim McCollum, President and COO of Lady Jane’s, caught up with a very excited Kelsey to get a good look at the incredible girl who will represent Lady Jane’s in 2015:

Position & Locations: Stylist - Troy, MI

TM: What interested you in being part of the Lady Jane's team?

KS: Lady Jane's became a huge interest of mine when they came to the Paul Mitchell school I was attending at the time. I've always enjoyed making people feel good and cutting men's hair, so I figured why not be the best I can be and work at the best men’s salon in the industry, Lady Jane’s.

TM: So, how long have you worked at LJ?

KS: I began my career at Lady Jane’s five years ago. I was hired the day I graduated from cosmetology school and I started working shortly after obtaining my license.

TM: Other than your career, what are you passionate about?

KS: I have plenty of other interests outside work. I love to read. As many of my clients know, I am BEYOND obsessed with the Harry Potter series. I love to exercise and play sports. I am also an artist. I love to paint and draw; hopefully I will be able to sell some of my works online soon!

TM: What are your ambitions?

KS: Success in my career is really important to me; however, I'm also a very family oriented person and I would love to settle down and have a family of my own one day.

TM: At work you’re on your feet and dealing with all kinds of demands all day long. What is it about this place that keeps you motivated and inspired to come in and cut hair everyday?

KS: Our staff here at Lady Jane's is amazing. The ladies I work with do an excellent job at motivating me, we are all one big family at this store. I love what I do, so I couldn't ask for anything more.

TM: Now a little more about you as a person: who do you look up to as a role model?

KS: My mother is my role model. I look up to her in so many ways. I could go on and on about her being so great, but she is the true meaning of an all around amazing woman.

TM: Favorite sports team?

KS: I love to cheer on the Lions, Tigers and Red Wings, but my favorite team is the Lions! Growing up I was never into sports, but ever since I started working at Lady Jane's I have been fortunate enough to attend many of the Lions' home games.

TM: Favorite restaurant?

KS: My favorite restaurant is a little Italian place called Da Franceso's. My family always took me there growing up. I’m a sucker for carbs covered in marinara sauce or dipped in ranch.

TM: Why do you think you were selected as the LJ Girl for 2015?

KS: I believe I was selected because from day one I have proven myself to be an exceptional stylist and hard worker. My bubbly personality signifies what the LJ girl is all about and I am honored to have been chosen to represent this company. Thanks again, Lady Jane's!

TM: So, other than your career, what are you passionate about?

KS: I love my family, friends, and animals - especially dogs. I would love to volunteer at a rescue shelter and maybe even own one in the future.

TM: Getting back to hair, what is your favorite product to work with?

KS: I absolutely love the new Bed Head Manipulator Matte. It really is the perfect product. It gives a nice textured finish to kids hair, but also gives a firm polished look to the hard part, which is really in style right now.

TM: You certainly embody what it means to be a Lady Jane’s girl, Kelsey. We are proud that you represent the company. Any words of advice to other stylists out there?

KS: Keep doing what you love. If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life!

TM: Thanks Kelsey! And good luck, you’re going to be Wicked Awesome as the 2015 LJ Girl!

About Kelsey Salvati


For Kelsey, our new Lady Jane girl, becoming a Lady Jane's stylist was an easy choice. She joined the LJ team directly out of cosmetology school in 2010 and has loved every minute of it. Fortunately, for us, Kelsey has been a huge addition to the LJ team since graduating from Paul Mitchell. She has been reliable, responsible and has built a large clientele. Kelsey's clients only want to see her and look forward to their next haircut.

Our President, Tim McCollum caught up with the stunning beauty at the Lady Jane's headquarters in Troy where, among the flat screens with the game on, and the autographed sports memorabilia all around, she plays a pivotal role in the success of the company.


Kelsey feels like she hit gold when she joined Lady Jane's of Troy. "I have always enjoyed cutting men's hair and making people feel good." said Salvati. "Our stylist team at Lady Jane's is amazing. The ladies I work with do an excellent job of motivating me. We are one big happy family and I love it here!"

Kelsey has always been a big supporter of all the sports teams in Detroit, but her clear favorite is the Detroit Lions! "Growing up I was never into sports, but when I started working for LJ I was able to attend Lions games through our sponsorship and fell in love quickly," said Kelsey. "I have been very fortunate to attend Lions games with my LJ teammates!"

"I love music and it has always been a big influence on me," Salvati sings. She loves a variety music with 2 Pac and Biggie topping the list. She loves the music vibe in Lady Jane's and that we mix up the music each day.

Kelsey is big into family values and there is nothing she loves more than sitting down in an Italian restaurant with the people she loves most. Her favorite place to eat with her family is Da Francesco's. Kelsey said, "I am a sucker for carbs covered in marinara sauce and dipped in ranch!"


"Keep doing what you love! if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life!"