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LJ Girls / Lisa Siwecki

Lisa Siwecki


Alicia Bunch, COO of Lady Jane's, caught up with a very excited Lisa to get a good look at the incredible girl who will represent Lady Jane's in 2019:

Position & Locations: Stylist - Chesterfield, MI

AB: When did you discover that you wanted a career in the beauty industry?

LS: I first realized that I wanted to be part of the beauty industry when I took a tour of a Paul Mitchell school. The creativity and energy everyone had in there was inspiring and I knew I wanted to be a part of that exciting world.

AB: What interested you in being part of the Lady Jane's Team?

LS: When I first got licensed as a cosmetologist, I got a job in a full-service salon doing women’s hair. It was a fun job and I learned a lot but I was really unhappy there and I never felt excited to go to work every day. I soon realized that it wasn’t for me and wanted to try a different route. So, I took a chance and signed a contract Lady James in Chesterfield, MI and after my first day I knew I found my niche.

AB: So, how long have you worked at LJ?

LS: 3 1/2 Years.

AB: Why do you think you were selected as the LJ Girl of the Year?

LS: I think I was selected for my hard work and dedication. I have travel trained in Omaha, NE, and West Des Moines, IA. I was also blessed to be part of breaking and entering with Mojo in the morning a couple years ago, as well as Making the Cut segments. I was even lucky enough record radio commercials for Detroit and Omaha locations. In addition to managing a location and always pushing myself to have great numbers and build my clientele every day. I now have over 300 returning clients every 3 months. I have worked hard to build to this point and can’t wait to continue to grow that number into the 4 and 500s! It’s so important to me to make sure I have happy and satisfied clients. When they get out of my chair, I want them to feel like a million bucks! I am so honored to have been chosen for LJ girl and am so appreciative that my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

AB: In the salon, you’re on your feet and dealing with all kinds of challenges. What is it about LJ that motivates you?

LS: What keeps me motivated to come in and tackle every day is my teammates. I work with an awesome group of girls who push each other and motivate each other when we are tired and running on E. We are a pretty busy location and sometimes it can be overwhelming but knowing that I have a great group of girls who all do their best, makes it a fun place to be and keeps us all going during those busy times. My clients also keep me motivated. As stylists, we deal with all sorts of clients. I have had cancer patients who have cried as I shave off their hair. I have had clients hold back tears as they tell me they just lost a loved one and they need a clean-up for the funeral, clients who have gotten cut because they are going to propose to their girlfriend that night. Some of the people we encounter are just in for a “regular cut”. But for some, it’s a huge deal and they want to look their best. And those are the moments I am so in love with my career choice and happy to be there for them.

AB: Other than your career, what are you passionate about?

LS: Other than my career, I am passionate about spending time with friends and family, animals, going to sporting events, and traveling.

AB: What is your favorite product to work with currently?

LS: Manipulator matte is currently one of my all-time favorite products. It does not get hard and crunchy but it has a firm hold and an awesome textured look!

AB: What haircut are you really digging right now for the fella's?

LS: I really like clean cut and sharp haircuts. Right now, I’m really loving a short messy look on top (styled with manipulator matte) and a 1-2 fade with a 0 taper on the neckline.

AB: Who do you look up to as a role model?

LS: I look up to my mom as a role model. She is a very smart, hardworking, generous, patient person whose faith in God is inspiring. She always has a solution to every problem and she keeps me grounded. (Not to mention an amazing cook).

AB: Are you a sports fan?

LS: Living in metro Detroit, being a sports fan is kind of mandatory! It’s a rough road but I will always support and cheer for the lions! As well as the Red Wings and Tigers!

AB: Favorite restaurant or food?

LS: Favorite food is a hard one. But if I had to choose I would pick shrimp and steak.

AB: What are three things you can’t live without?

LS: 3 things I can’t live without is mascara, fuzzy blankets, friends and family.

AB: What’s your motto/advice you live by?

LS: “A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant."

About Lisa Siwecki


I have always liked having nice hair and makeup ever since I was little. I never really thought of going into the beauty industry until my mom suggested I tour a school. I took a tour my senior year and knew that it was the right fit for me.


I feel like what has made me successful is my attention to detail. I never let someone out of my chair until i sense perfection. I want them leaving completely satisfied and I also want to feel proud of my work as they walk out the door. Each client leaving my chair is a walking billboard of my work and talent. The best way to build a clientele is word of mouth and referrals. So I put 110% into every single guest.


Family and friends are extremely important to me in both my work life and personal life. It’s important to build that friendship within the store with fellow stylists. It fosters teamwork, respect for one another, communication, and understanding. It’s equally as important in my personal life. Time is the most valuable thing we have and it’s important to spend it doing what you love, surrounded by the people you love. In 2019 I am excited for all the opportunities it will bring. I hope to travel a little more, enjoy new experiences and start new chapters in my life.


“A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant.“