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LJ Girls / Rachel Rudowski

Rachel Rudowski


Tim McCollum, President and COO of Lady Jane’s, caught up with a very excited Rachel to get a good look at the incredible girl who will represent Lady Jane’s in 2013:

Position & Locations: Manager - Rocky River, OH

TM: So, how does it feel to be the very first LJ Girl from Cleveland, OH?

RR: It is such an honor! I am so happy to be representing such an amazing company. To be the first from Ohio is such an unbelievable feeling! I am so blessed to have such a great job and I love the company I work for!

TM: What does this new title, as reigning LJ Girl, mean to you?

RR: I know the company and all the great things they represent. As the LJ girl this year, I will strive to be a role model for the girls in my store and in other locations. I always try to be a leader and to lead by example.

TM: What made you want to become a stylist and why did you choose this line of work?

RR: There was a time when I didn't want to be a stylist anymore. It turned out I just wasn't working in the right place. I have never loved my job, until I started working for Lady Jane's. I enjoy being able to express my artistic side at work, and it was easy to grow with my clients and also the company. I enjoy getting to know every one of my clients. And all the different people you meet always have something to offer you-- if it's advice or just a good story to make you laugh.

TM: You grew up not far from where you work in Parma, OH. Tell us how a little girl from Parma became interest in cosmetology and what pushed you to make this your career choice.

RR: I received my cosmetology license at Normandy High School. They had a vocational program which was 2 years long. My mother actually inspired me to be a cosmetologist. I was always doing her hair and I was always looking for ways to express my creativity, so when the opportunity arouse, my mom was there to give me a little push down the right path for me.

TM: You said that your mother inspired you to be a cosmetologist. Would you consider her your role model as you pursued this vocation?

RR: My mother is the strongest woman I know. I look up to her on a daily basis and try to be more like her. She has taught me to be myself and to just simply enjoy life and everything that comes along with it.

TM: That’s nice. What was it like growing up in Parma for you?

RR: Growing up I was a very active kid. My brother and I were, and still are very close. We were always outdoors playing sports or riding our bikes around. I played basketball for 6 years along with softball for 5. I also grew up fishing a lot with my father. Some of the greatest memories I have are those of my whole family out fishing for the day, nothing beats that.

TM: It sounds like sports were a big part of your life growing up. Were you big on Cleveland’s sports teams as well?

RR: Well, here in Cleveland, we always have to represent the Browns—even though sometimes it might get tough for a Browns fan. We will always have faith!

TM: What about music? What do you like to listen to?

RR: I'm kind of all over the place with music. I'm usually pretty open minded and giving everything a chance. For the moment I've been on a Bob Marley kick, he always gets me ready and pumped for summer time!

TM: And now you get to work in an atmosphere where the music’s playing, sports are on tv and the atmosphere is built for fun. What’s that like for you?

RR: I was initially attracted to the whole atmosphere of the place, it was unlike any other salon I have worked for. It seemed like a fun place to work, and meet tons of new, fun and interesting people. Lady Jane's is just an all over great experience. Even if you are just waiting in the waiting room in one of our big recliners and watching some sports, or getting a very enjoyable, relaxing haircut by one of our talented girls. Once you come in, you wont want to go anywhere else!

TM: Well, while you’re plugging the place, what are some of your favorite products to work with and what do you recommend most for your clients?

RR: Definitely the Bed Head Matte Separation wax. That stuff is awesome. I love the natural look in guys hair, rugged yet styled.

TM: And, your resume’’s pretty impressive. Along with a stint with a competitor we won’t mention, you’ve come a long way in a short time with Lady Jane's.

RR: I take opportunities as they come to me and make the best out of everything life has to offer me. I started working at the Parma location of Lady Jane's when they first opened 3 years ago. When the Rocky River location opened last June, I started working at both stores. After a little while I was promoted co-manager at the Rocky River location so I made this my permanent home. We are like one big family here, I couldn't have asked for a better staff. My clients make me enjoy my job and love coming to work. I have met some of the most amazing people over the last 3 years I've been with this company.

TM: Thanks Rachel! And good luck, you’re going to be Wicked Awesome as the 2013 LJ Girl!

About Rachel Rudowski


Every great team has a great captain. At Lady Jane’s this captain is the LJ girl. This year, Lady Jane’s has selected Rachel Rudkowski from the Rocky River, Ohio salon. She is a captain both at work and off with her friendly, hard working, and positive personality. Rachel's optimistic approach to her clients and the other stylists that she leads is what made her a natural choice to be the 2013 LJ Girl.


"Ciotka" is a Polish name that means "Aunt," and Rachel Rudkowski is proud to say she’s adopted "Ciotka" as her nickname."My nephews started it and now it caught on and everyone in my family calls me that, and I love how different it is" said Rudowski.

While you’re relaxing in her chair, having your hair expertly cut and quaffed, Rudkowski will certainly treat you with the tender loving care of your own favorite aunt. But, while this proud Polish princess may not be related to you, she is definitely easy to relate to.

When you meet Rachel, you can immediately see the traits that qualify her to be co-manager of the Lady Jane's Rocky River location. Very personable, extremely likable, totally professional, and wholly representative of the Lady Jane's brand, Rudkowski exemplifies everything you’d want out of a star employee.

Rachel tries to enjoy life and everything it has to offer, as she feels life is too short to even have one bad day. She loves music, art and self expression. When it comes to managing the stylists at one the busiest stores in Ohio, Rachel is always optimistic, and has a good time with them. "She motivates in a way that does not seem like work," says Jen Reeves, one of Rocky Rivers top stylists.


Rachel was not always the outgoing, bubbly girl that she is today. Growing up she loved the outdoors and was usually found playing sports or fishing with her brother. She usually kept to herself. Rachel was shy and reserved until she found her niche at Lady Jane's. After getting her cosmetology license in 2008, Rachel went from salon to salon trying to find a place she loved, where she could showcase her talent. When she interviewed for a stylist position in 2011, at the LJ in Parma Heights , OH, she immediately knew that LJ was the salon for her. The LJ clients recognized Rachel's skill immediately and after building a large and loyal clientele, she was quickly promoted to open and manage the new store in Rocky River in June of 2012. Only one year later her store is now one of the top LJ's in the country.

Rachel possess a warm approach and natural ability to execute Wicked Awesome haircuts. She works hard to deliver what the clients want and has an unbelievable ability to remember each client despite her large clientele. In a recent site visit to the Rocky River LJ, the President and COO, Tim McCollum, sat down in Rachel's chair for a haircut and scalp massage. " It was so relaxing, yet professional at the same time. Everyone raved about my haircut and the scalp massage was unreal!" stated McCollum.

Just like that, Rachel became the 2013 LJ Girl. She displays a natural ability in give Wicked Awesome haircuts. She understands what her clients are looking for and always explains what hair styles will look best on them. Rachel has a lot of knowledge in the products that Lady Jane’s offer and what products will work best for each guy. President and COO, Tim McCollum, asked Rachel what her favorite product is for her LJ clients and she replied saying "Generally I will ask a series of questions in order to figure out exactly what clients need. Don't want to give them something they wont like :) .Lately, I have been a fan of a cocktail of Fiber and Manipulator for hold and shine."