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MVP / Molly Moore

Molly Moore

2022 MVP Molly Moore!

1. When did you discover that you wanted a career in the beauty industry?

a. I have 3 sisters, so growing up I always enjoyed playing with their hair and doing fun styles and colors.

2. What interested you in being part of Lady Jane's team?

a. I really enjoy cutting men's hair. When my friend told me about lady janes. I decided to check it out! I left the salon that i had been in for 10 years and came to Lady Janes's, and i have loved it ever since.

3. How long have you cut hair in an LJ salon?

a. A year and 5 months.

4. Why do you think you were selected as the LJ MVP?

a. I believe I was selected because I'm a hard worker, dedicated to my job, and I always motivate everyone to do their best!

5. At the salon, you're on your feet dealing with all kinds of demands all day long. What is it about this place that keeps you motivated and inspired to come in and cut hair every day?

a. I would say my team along with the customers inspire me. We have a great team in Ann Arbor. We always try to help each other out, and the great client base here at Lady Jane's is also a huge bonus.

6. What has been your most memorable LJ moment?

a. Becoming a manager in Ann Arbor along with becoming the MVP of the year are most definitely moment in time I wont forget.

7. What is your favorite men's styling product right now?

a. I love the bed head manipulator matte paste. It gives you a nice a hold to the hair while having that natural look!

8. How would your best friend describe you?

a. Fun, positive, and career driven!

9. Other than your career, what are you passionate about?

a. My family and friends.

10. What's your motto/advice you live by?

a. "Believe you can and you're halfway there."

11. Ten Years from now, where will you be...

a. I hope to keep moving my way up within the company!

About Molly Moore


Molly is a devoted stylist and manager at our Ann Arbor location who’s always willing to step up to the plate to help her coworkers. She is passionate about customer satisfaction and providing an experience that is next to none. Molly is motivated by building a loyal clientele and making them feel welcome at Lady Jane's.

What it takes to be wicked awesome...

Hustle, hustle, hustle!! if you grind to be the best you can be, you are wicked awesome. Attitude and grit are qualities that stylists need to have to reached the top. It's so simple to give 100% because if you do that yourself, everyone else around you will be motivated to give it their all!

To LJ and Beyond...

Receiving this title has created more relationships within the company that i am so grateful for. I want to continue to grow and thrive within Lady Janes. Professionally, I'm ready to work towards continuously building my clientele and exceeding my goals. Personally, I'm excited to be challenged this year and further prove I'm an LJ MVP!!