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Rookies of the Year / Jillian Pintal

Jillian Pintal

Alicia Bunch, COO of Lady Jane's, caught up with a very excited Jillian to get a good look at the incredible girl who will represent Lady Jane's in 2024:

Position & Locations: Stylist, Washington Township

AB: What interested you in being part of Lady Jane's team?

Jillian: I discovered I wanted a career in the beauty industry in 2021. I graduated high school in 2020 and I was doing online college for a year. I realized it wasn’t for me and I wanted to do cosmetology because of the impact you can have on others. One of my favorite quotes is, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

AB: What interested you in being part of Lady Jane's team?

Jillian: I came to shadow at the salon I work in now and I loved it right away. Everyone was super nice, the lobby was full of guests, and I loved how the walls were fun colors.

AB: How long have you cut in a LJ salon?

Jillian: 9 months and many more!

AB: Why do you think you were selected as the LJ Rookie for 2024?

Jillian: I think I was selected because I have always strived to grow and keep getting better. My managers pushed me outside my comfort zone. I grew a lot as a stylist thanks to them. I believe you should always be better than you were yesterday and if you fall, get right back up and try again. I also like to think I brighten people’s day.

AB: What has been your most challenging LJ moment so far?

Jillian: My first day! I was nervous but ready for the day. The lobby was full that day and I didn’t stop cutting once. I feel like my first day set me up for success in the future because sometimes you just gotta go for it and you’ll be fine.

AB: Other than your career, what are you passionate about?

Jillian: I love music, dancing, and reading. I love to go on nature walks. I love Michigan in the summertime for boating season. I also like old-school roller skating and I like spending time with my family and the people that I love.

AB: What is your favorite LJ service we offer?

Jillian: The scalp massage!

AB: What haircut are you really digging right now for the fellas?

Jillian: A mid-drop 0 fade.

AB: Favorite restaurant/food?

Jillian Texas Roadhouse and my favorite food is pizza.

AB: What are three things you can’t live without?

Jillian: Music, Sun, and Lake Saint Clair.

AB: Ten years from now, where will you be…?

Jillian: Hopefully married and happy.

About Jillian Pintal


Jillian's journey into the beauty industry, spurred by a realization in 2021, has After graduating high school in 2020, Jillian initially ventured into online college for a year before redirecting her path toward cosmetology. Intrigued by the impact she could have on others, she found her home at Lady Jane's during a shadowing experience, drawn in by the welcoming atmosphere and vibrant surroundings. Over the past nine months as a stylist, Jillian's dedication and commitment have propelled her into the role of LJ Rookie for 2024


As an LJ Girl, Jillian embodies the spirit of what it means to be wicked awesome within the dynamic team at Lady Jane's. Her passion for growth, vibrant personality, and commitment to brightening people's days showcase the unique camaraderie that defines the LJ community


Looking forward, Jillian envisions a future that goes beyond the salon chair, marked by happiness and fulfillment. Her aspirations transcend being a stylist, extending to a vision of personal contentment and a potential role in shaping the future of Lady Jane's.