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Rookies of the Year / Rachel Nabood & Jillian Pintal

Rachel Nabood & Jillian Pintal

Alicia Bunch, COO of Lady Jane's, caught up with a very excited Rachel to get a good look at the incredible girl who will represent Lady Jane's in 2024:

Position & Locations: Stylist, Birmingham

AB::When did you discover that you wanted a career in the beauty industry?

Rachel: I discovered I wanted a career in the beauty industry three months into being a receptionist at Lady Jane's! I realized how great of an industry it is and had to be a part of it.

AB: What interested you in being part of Lady Jane's team?

Rachel: When I started as a receptionist, I had no idea what Lady Jane’s was about. But after being a part of the team, I saw how much love and support the girls got and gave to each other and knew this was going to be my home once I got my license.

AB: How long have you cut in an LJ salon?

Rachel: I have been cutting at the corporate office in Birmingham, Michigan for 9 months now!

AB: Why do you think you were selected as the LJ Rookie for 2024?

Rachel: I think I was selected for LJ rookie of 2024 because I’ve been a receptionist at Lady Janes for so long so I had the advantage of being watched from the beginning. They have seen me grow from not knowing what I wanted to do for my career, to going to beauty school and getting my license, and now into the stylist I am today! I always try to upsell every client in my chair to make sure I meet all the needs they didn’t know they needed and I think that’s why I stood out for this role!

AB: What has been your most challenging LJ moment so far?

Rachel: My most challenging LJ moment so far has been working with a special needs kid who did not want to get a haircut. It took a lot of patience from both of us but we were able to finish his cut and he ended up being so happy with it. It was a little stressful but very rewarding seeing him smile after I put the product in his hair.

AB: Other than your career, what are you passionate about?

Rachel: I am very passionate about animals. If I lived on my own, (thankfully I don’t) I would rescue sooo many animals in need.

AB: What is your favorite LJ service we offer?

Rachel: My favorite LJ service is the facial! I love that we have the option to give men a little taste of skin care.

AB: What haircut are you digging right now for the fellas?

Rachel: I’ve started to really appreciate a high bald fade with some length on top. They are my favorite cuts to do!

AB: Favorite restaurant/food?

Rachel: My favorite restaurant always changes! But right now it’s Kruse and Muer and I always get the chicken tortellini.

AB: What are three things you can’t live without?

Rachel: Three things I can’t live without are my dog, my family, and my LJ girls; I loovvee my team so much.

AB: Ten years from now, where will you be…?

Rachel: In ten years from now, I aspire to be a part of corporate office travel training all over the US!

About Rachel Nabood


Rachel Nabood's journey in the beauty industry took a defining turn when, three months into her role as a receptionist at Lady Jane's, she realized the greatness of the industry and her desire to be a part of it. Nine months into cutting at the corporate office in Birmingham, Michigan, Rachel's dedication and growth were recognized as she earned the prestigious title of LJ 2024 Rookie of the Year. Her evolution from a receptionist to a skilled stylist showcased her commitment and passion for her craft.


For Rachel Nabood, being an LJ Girl is more than a job; it's a tight-knit community where love and support are paramount. From starting as a receptionist with no prior knowledge of Lady Jane's to becoming an integral part of the team


Looking into the future, Rachel Nabood envisions herself as a key figure in corporate office travel training, traversing the United States and imparting her knowledge and expertise. In ten years, she aspires to contribute significantly to the growth of Lady Jane's, not only as a skilled stylist but also as a mentor and trainer.