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Feb 23, 2024

Ryder is a Rockstar!
On October 19th, 2023, the Finkel family got the news that their son Ryder Finkel had a rare form of childhood brain cancer. He has an inoperable tumor on his brain stem, and they were informed that his time with them was limited. They fight daily to ensure Ryder lives his life to the fullest. He is currently in a trial program to treat his cancer thanks to the work of the Chad Tough Foundation. Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane's Haircuts For Men, we're blessed to be able to throw a…
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Feb 22, 2024

LJ Managers send Peyton to Island Dolphin Care
Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men were blessed to receive a wish from a caregiver at the Cleveland Clinic asking us to send this special little lady and her parents to therapy in Key Largo, FL that only the Dolphins can provide! It is an effective treatment for her aggressive Muscular Dystrophy and one her family could not afford. WAW and 200+ Lady Jane's managers invited Peyton and her parents to sunny Florida. We granted her wish at our annual manager's meeting and sent…
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Jan 3, 2024

Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams
Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane's were privileged to be part of 2023's Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams. Thousands of Volunteers shine flashlights to remind pediatric patients that they are not alone this holiday season and wish them sweet dreams as they turn out their lights for the night. Our financial support and volunteers helped some amazing kids forget about their health challenges and feel the impact of what the holidays are all about!
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Jan 3, 2024

Holiday Adventure for Kids in Indy!
On December 2nd, Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane's stylist from the Indianapolis area store helped execute a Holiday wish for some amazing children. These kids and their families suffer from life-threatening conditions and through a partnership with Kids Gotta Play we were able to make their Holidays happy and worry-free By providing this holiday adventure, families can create long-lasting friendships and support one another during a difficult journey. Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane's…
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Jan 3, 2024

Cleveland Holiday Adventure
Saturday, December 2nd the Wicked Awesome Wishes organization and Lady Jane's Haircuts For Men partnered with "A Kid Again" Charity for an annual Holiday Adventure at the I-X Center in downtown Cleveland. The day-long event brought in families with children who are living with life-threatening conditions, so they can have a getaway from doctor visits and hospital stays for a fun and event-filled holiday bash!
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Jan 3, 2024

Smile 4 Kids!
Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane's were blessed to be able to help this great cause with financial support this year. They specialize in enriching the lives of Children experiencing hardship by providing hope, instilling resilience, and developing opportunities to succeed.
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